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Customer Success Story

Gaithersburg Rotary's Event

The Gaithersburg Rotary Club organized a remarkable "Flags for Our Heroes" exhibit using our Markers, Inc. American flag pole sets. Their event was a huge success, bringing the community together to honor their heroes. Watch the news clip below to see their inspiring story and how our products and guide contributed to their impactful fundraiser.

What types of campaigns can I start?

Flag Display Event
Create a Pathway of Honor

Transform a public space into a stunning pathway of honor with our Flagpole Display Event. Ideal for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and other significant occasions.

Fosters community respect and remembrance, attracts large gatherings, provides a visually impactful display.

Patriotic Community Engagement

Provide American flags for homes, businesses, and community centers during key patriotic events like Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Engage local residents and businesses in national celebrations while supporting a good cause.

Flagpole Sale
Own a Piece of Patriotism

Implement a One-Time Purchase Program in your community. Offer high-quality flag sets for direct purchase, creating a lasting symbol of national pride and a sustainable fundraising opportunity.

Permanent access to a quality flag set, no recurring costs, ideal for those committed to long-term display.

Successful Fundraiser Example

This club successfully honored their heroes and raised funds for their community with the Flags for Heroes presentation. By partnering with local organizations and engaging the community, they achieved their goals and made a significant impact.

Watch their inspiring video to see a successful example and get ideas for creating a memorable fundraiser using Markers, Inc. bulk wholesale American flags. Download our guide or contact us to get started on planning your own impactful event.


Do you have any Questions

Who can fundraise?

Any group can participate in a American Flag Fundraiser! Over the years, we have had great success with various groups, including Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, VFW, Boy and Girl Scouts, volunteer charity organizations, sports programs, school bands, Fraternity of Eagles, Moose Lodges, Elk Lodges, and more.

Do I have to purchase flags from you?

Absolutely not! You're free to use any flags that meet your needs for your fundraising campaign. While we do offer high-quality flags that are designed for these types of events, the choice is entirely yours. Of course, we'd love if you chose our flags—they're built to last and look great! But the most important thing is the success of your fundraiser and the community spirit it builds. Let us know how we can assist you in any way!

Is the guide really free? Are there any hidden costs involved?

Yes, the guide is completely free! There are no hidden costs or obligations when you download it. We're here to help you start your fundraising journey effectively.

Fundraising Tips
  • Set your fundraising goal before starting your campaign.
  • Establish your total profit goal and adjust as needed throughout the campaign.
  • Calculate upfront costs and ensure funds are available.
  • Identify the leader(s) for your Fundraising with Flags initiative.
  • The leader should be available for the entire duration of the fundraiser.
  • The leader should have excellent communication and organizational skills.
How successful are flag fundraisers? Will it actually help us raise enough funds?

Flag fundraisers have been successful for many organizations as they appeal to a wide audience and can be repeated annually. 

Which Flags Can I Use for Fundraising

Explore a variety of flagpole sets, including American, military, and custom options to suit your fundraising needs:

  • American Outdoor flagpole sets: Available in two sizes (7’ and 10’)
  • American Indoor flagpole set: (7’)
  • Military flagpole sets: Indoor and Outdoor options for
    • Air Force,
    • Army,
    • Coast Guard,
    • Navy,
    • POW,
    • and USMC
  • Custom flagpole sets for special events
  • Call to discuss additional options
Which Fundraising Program Should You Choose?
  • Flagpole Display Event: Set up a field or create a pathway for honor events.
  • Flagpole Subscription/Rental: Flags can be placed at a residence, business, or yard.
  • One-Time Purchase Program: Sell the flag sets directly to consumers.
If you’d like help in determining the best program for your needs, please contact us at:

(800) 969-5920 or info@markersinc.com
Should You Offer Honor Medallions?

Offering Honor Medallions allows donors to personalize their flags, providing an additional revenue stream for your fundraiser. Setting a timely deadline (at least 7-10 days before your event) ensures tags can be produced and shipped on time, adding a meaningful touch by identifying the hero and sponsor.

Can I purchase wholesale American flags for my fundraiser?

Yes, we offer wholesale American flags perfect for fundraisers. Buying flags in bulk provides significant cost savings and ensures you have enough flags for your needs.

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  • Planning Tools: Suggestions to organize your flag fundraiser.

  • Volunteer Engagement Tips: People/Teams you may want to have.

  • Maintenance and Storage: Essential information to keep your flags and poles in good condition year-round.


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